Passion for aquaculture

Experience and knowledge are our strengths. We are building a new industry along the Norwegian coast – from roe to finished cod fillet

Locally produced

Our fully integrated value chain ensures a world-class product. We have chosen to lay our entire operation locally along the Norwegian coast. Therefore we can assure full control from roe to pre-packaged fillets – and offer healthy and tasty cod all year round

The future
of aquaculture

For over fifty years Norwegian fish farmers have pushed the limits of innovation in all types of weather, and made Norway a leading nation in modern aquaculture. By leveraging new technology and acquiring more knowledge, it is now prepared for a new chapter in Norwegian aquaculture history. Through an all-Norwegian value chain, our ambition is to become the world’s leading manufacturer of farmed cod. 

Our responsibility

Our products are made in harmony with nature, and every step we take is based on sustainable principles and a responsibility for the ocean. We produce protein with a low footprint by harnessing renewable energy, creating local jobs, and utilizing the whole fish.  

Our people

In order to create a great product, you need people who are passionate about their work. The foundation of our business is exactly the peopleour employees have high levels of expertise and many years of experience in the aquaculture industry. Together, they aim for a world-class cod. 

Fish welfare

A fish that is treated well also tastes good. We go further every day to ensure that our cod have the best possible environment to live in: lower density, better feed and fish welfare give us very good results. 

A local company

We want to be an active local company in the communities where we are operating. With new jobs and increased value creation, we want to give back to the local community. 


En fisk som har det godt smaker også godt. Vi strekker oss hver dag lengre for at fisken skal ha det best mulig: lavere tetthet, bedre fôr og høy kompetanse gir oss svært gode resultater.

Lokal verdiskapning

Vi skal være en medspiller og aktiv del av lokalsamfunnene der vi er til stede. Med nye arbeidsplasser og økt verdiskapning skal vi bidra til å holde lys i husene langs kysten.

An ocean of possibilities

In GADUS you will meet breeders, biologists, economists, engineers, mechanics, electricians and more. We are constantly looking for new ideas and new people both at sea and on land. Would you like to take part in the future of aquaculture?